Where Would Melania Trump Go?

New York City based Matrimonial Law Attorney Jacqueline Newman shares via an interview with MNI Media her answers to the following questions regarding President Trump’s alleged affair porn Star Stormy Daniels.

What if President Trump were to get divorced while in office?
It would be quite interesting, although if I had to bet, it would be done very quietly. They definitely have a prenuptial agreement which would dictate many of the terms of the divorce. However, given the circumstances of his presidency and the fact that she had to relocate, has become a greater public figure and will require additional security, I would think that she could ask for more financial support that what was provided in the agreement when they married and he was not president.

Would Trump be legally obligated to pay spousal support?
I would imagine so. However, the terms would be laid out in the prenuptial agreement.

Would a contested divorce force Trump to reveal his financials that he chose not to reveal during his 2016 campaign?
Great question – but I am guessing No. Again, the prenuptial agreement would lay out most of the financial terms. The only thing it would not necessarily deal with is child support, which could result in him having to disclose his finances. But I think this is one of the area that being POTUS would play in his favor and get him out of the financial disclosures that someone else would have to do.

How would a child custody battle work out?
From what I read about them as parents, Melania would have primary custody and Donald would spend time with his son whenever he happened to be in town.


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