THE TITANS: Divorce Saloon presents the “top 10” male and female divorce attorneys in New York City

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by J.GoldsteinJuly 16

New York City Divorce lawyers are some of the most revered in the country. We consulted numerous sources, including but not limited to, Superlawyers, Martindale Hubbell, Avvo, New York Law Journal, New York Magazine, Forbes, Google +, American Bar Association and a few others, to comprise this list of 10 male and 10 female divorce attorneys in New York who are hard-hitting, effective, aggressive, experienced and feared by their peers.  But at the same time, clients appreciate their ability to be “empathetic,” “client focused” “straight forward” and “there.”

These people are routinely described as “top rated divorce lawyers in New York” “top divorce attorney in New York,” “best divorce attorney in New York,” and “experienced divorce attorney in New York.” They tend to have large personalities, are captivating, intelligent, self-assured (and in some cases, could even be described as “sexy.”)

Note that our algorithms take into account, among other things: number of years of practice; experience dealing with the media, client reviews, publications and peer reviews/peer endorsements. Based on these and other undisclosed criteria, we have selected 10 female and 10 male divorce attorneys who we feel have earned a place on the THE TITANS 10™  *


  1. Natasha Meyers –
  2. Deborah B. Kahn –
  3. Sherri Donovan –
  4. Vivien Stark –
  5. Jacqueline Newman –
  6. Jacqueline Harounian –
  7. Rachel Weisman –
  8. Lisa Beth Older –
  9. Ellen B Holtzman –
  10. Bettina Hindin –


  1. William Beslow –
  2. Brian Perskin –
  3. Malcolm Stephen Taub –
  4. Steven Mandel –
  5. Curt Arnell –
  6. Anthony Capetola –
  7. Ken Eiges –
  8. Laurence P Greenberg –
  9. Gary I. Cohen –
  10. Jay Butterman –

Congratulations to all!

* Each candidate on the Titan’s 10 list has received a T10 rating which is the highest possible score for a lawyer on the list  The list is not ranked first to last. All candidates have received the same score.  The Divorce Saloon International T10 rating was created by Divorce Saloon International and is a global rating system for divorce lawyers, solicitors, avocats and judges. This rating system is copyrighted and trademarked by Divorce Saloon International. All Rights Reserved.

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