January sees spike in divorce inquiries, lawyers say

According to a recent report, January is the biggest month of the year for couples filing for divorce.

“January is usually seen as divorce month, and part of the reason being is that a lot of people want to start the year off fresh,” Manhattan divorce lawyer Jacqueline Newman said. “You’re in the holidays, and the idea of getting a divorce stuffed in your stocking is not something anybody wants.”

Charles Kriss is an attorney at Kriss, Kriss & Brignola law firm in Albany. He’s helped clients with a variety of legal issues for 37 years.

He finds marital problems are put on hold until after the holidays.

“Divorce is an inherently stressful, difficult, painful process,” he said.

Because of that stress, most couples – and especially those with kids – find it better to wait until after the Christmas tree is brought to the curb to start filing papers.

Kris said it’s always hard to work with a splitting couple, but he wants to help make it an easier process.

“It’s not unlike a very serious medical problem,” he explained. “You don’t want a doctor that’s just going to give you a bunch of treatments. You want a doctor that’s going to provide you with an overview and who’s going to give you a sense of ‘okay, these are the steps that this is going to involve.’”

But the signs that a divorce is imminent usually start long before the new year.

“It comes down to communication,” Newman said. “When communication really starts to die out, I think that’s a huge symbol that divorce could be on your way.”

The second biggest month for divorce is August as vacations are over and kids are heading back to school.

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