Brangelina Divorce

Originally Published by Anthony Zangrillo on Fordham IPLJ, Sep 29, 2016

The second episode of the Fordham IPLJ Podcast tackles the Brangelina Divorce with a prominent divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman. The unthinkable happened last week, when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to split up. Amidst reports of Pitt’s infidelity and possible domestic abuse towards the couple’s children, the IPLJ Podcast attempts to sift through the reports and predict the way the legal split will play out.

First on the show, Jacqueline Newman, author of Soon-To-Be-Ex (Sutton Hart 2016), has been in the midst of many high profile divorces as managing partner of NYC’s first tier divorce law firm. Jacqueline has an interesting take on the Brad and Angelina split:

“America’s sexiest couple will have Hollywood’s least sexy divorce.

Here’s why:

While many celebrity divorces turn into battles in the media, those are often driven by the less-powerful spouse using the press as leverage to get a quicker or more favorable settlement. In this case Brad & Angelina’s professional brands are above all that;

Further, to this couple’s credit they have protected the kids by keeping them out of the media spotlight. They are unlikely to change that course now with a public dispute;

Custody issues (these can’t legally be handled by a prenup) will be worked out according to their career schedules and what makes sense rather than some court imposed schedule. As they are super kid-centric, this will be handled privately too and in the children’s best interest as joint custody;

The financial aspects will be nominal too as it has been such a short marriage and they’re so sophisticated in every respect, there had to be a prenup;

They’re going to work out the financial part of the divorce in a private room among lawyers rather than taking their dispute public.”

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