7 Mistakes to Avoid when getting Divorced

by Stacy GeisingerNovember 10, 2014
  1. Do not alienate your kids against your spouse
    It hurts the kids, it hurts your case and ultimately it can hurt you.
  2. Do not post on social media during divorce
    Do not vent your hatred of your spouse on facebook, nor announce on twitter the great deal you just closed (when you are saying in Court that you cannot afford child support).
  3. Do not hire the wrong attorney for your case
    Be sure to hire an attorney you are comfortable talking to (you think you may want the “shark” that you read about, but make sure it is a personality match or else it won’t work (and also do not get caught in the hupla that you need a “shark”). Make sure you feel comfortable enough to tell your attorney anything.
  4. Do not lie to your attorney.
    Do not exaggerate, do not mislead and do not hide things. If you do not give your attorney the correct information he/she needs, they will not have the tools necessary to do the job you hired them to do.
  5. Do not stay in the financial dark (if you lived there during the marriage)
    Find out what accounts you have, figure out how much money you spend, learn as much as you can about your financial situation.
  6. Do not go to law school on the internet
    There is some useful information on the internet, but a lot of bad information too.  Talk to your attorney – that is why you hired him/her.   Would you google – “How do I do brain surgery?”
  7. Do not be misled to think you will “get your day in court”
    If this does not happen and you are setting yourself for great disappointment if you think that the judge will be outraged that your spouse cheated – the judge will not even blink an eye

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