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 “The best divorces come from open eyes, smart choices and knowing what to expect.”



Get ready for brutal honesty, sage advice, and true concern for your emotional welfare as Jacqueline Newman exposes the myths and cultural misconceptions surrounding marital splits.  There are two books available, one for women and one for men.  Here is what people are saying…


A tour de force by Manhattan’s titan of divorce.
—WNR editorial reviews


A wise and valiant piranha in heels for New York’s high net-worth set.
—NORM PATTIS, legal icon and bestselling author


Written by an expert matrimonial lawyer, Soon-to-Be Ex is a practical-minded “must read” for anyone preparing to confront divorce proceedings . . . and highly recommended.
Midwest Book Review


A valuable, informative, insightful, and practical guide for men facing the challenges and opportunities of divorce by a seasoned matrimonial practitioner. Highly recommended!
—Harold B. Beeler (Retired), Former New York County Supreme Court Matrimonial Judge


There are two books available, one for women and one for men.  Buy either or both of them at the links! 


Here is a preview from Jacqueline…

Why Do People Get Divorced?
As a divorce attorney, the most common question I am asked (after “How much does it cost?” and “How long will it take?”) is “What causes people to divorce?” Why marriages end is a conundrum—why do some relationships not stand the test of time? It is true that this is rarely on the mind of one who is walking down the aisle towards the altar, ready to tie the knot and receive her happily ever after. (If it does cross your mind prior to the ceremony, I suggest you forget about the cost of the flowers and the food and do some soul searching before you say, “I do.” It will save time, money, and heartache in the long run because a divorce can be more expensive than a canceled wedding.) There is a general belief that a lack of sex in a marriage (or an excess of it with other people) or fights about money are the root causes of divorce. But I disagree—strongly. I think the biggest reason people divorce is they forget how to communicate (assuming they knew how to begin with). They forget that this seemingly simple concept is not only required but also a two-way street. I know this sounds like Pop Psychology 101, but I know this to be true. People forgetting how to communicate with each other is the core reason people divorce.